How to setup PPTP VPN on iPhone and iPad

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How to setup PPTP VPN on iPhone and iPad

The protocol of PPTP VPN is used to access the distant and remote areas. For using the VPN feature, the user has to connect this procedure with his router and then configure the VPN connection to remote areas. The full form of PPTP VPN is Point to Point Tunneling protocol. Point to Point Tunneling Protocol is the procedure that is an ancient process of Microsoft and has very confounded and fast speed. PPTP VPN is considered one of the fastest and easy to access protocols. This means that the speed of application is an important factor in gaming and video streaming. Though, it was also said by some users and researchers that this VPN network is not secure with proper encryption and speed is also a limited factor of it. One can also give a try to this VPN for using it free on a trial of 30days.

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Working of PPTP VPN

When this is used for a distant approach, PPTP VPN has used the TCP port 1723 for communicating with the users that are used by the generic encapsulation router for packing the different packets of PPP. The devices like routers are not needed as if the tunneling is initiated by the side of the user.

What makes this protocol popular?

PPTP VPN is not an easy protocol to set up but it is very compatible with all the devices like many systems and other operating devices like mobile phones of the user. The speed may not get affected due to the attached operating systems. This is the reason why it is considered that this setup must be installed when the speed is more important than security. But sometimes you may also go for other procedures as PPTP VPN might not go well though in most of the cases it is being considered.

Features of PPTP VPN


One of the easiest types of VPN is PPTP that is already installed in many of the android and ios devices. It is very easy to use. It works faster and many other systems. A framework of authenticity and encryption sets the basis for PPTP. It creates a tunnel for the flow of data packets that encapsulates through an IP network. It works similarly to other tunneling technologies.

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Recently, the availability of PPTP on iPhone or iPad is causing trouble which is why different solutions are offered to guide people about the setup process.

IOS 8 and iOS 7

VPN for iOS 10

If you want to set up PPTP VPN on this model, carry out the following steps:

To turn off the VPN, go to Settings via homepage click on VPN shift the status from on to off

Setup on iOS 9 

To set your PPTP VPN on iPhone, follow the given steps


No, it cannot be used on that model. Yes, because no search party PPTP libraries are accepted by the app store and PPTP libraries are not part of the iOS kernel anymore.

In that case, you need to get an old iPhone, say iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, or 6s that support IOS 9, and PPTP protocol is available on them. If not, then you can get an android based phone. Android phones still support PPTP connection and you can always set up a VPN connection on it.

We were confined by the customers who are using this Microsoft and considering the protocol of PPTP VPN and its products. Customer’s needs and requirements were much more basic than the analysis which can be done for this protocol, and it was also interesting for analyzing the complete details of our own time.

Users can determine it by observing the Cisco IOS tool software releases for the support of this VPN by using the feature navigator tool. This tool is only available for registered customers only. This tool allows the user to compare the Cisco IOS software, match, and CLOSE to finding out which protocol is used in which the user needs to support his hardware.

PPTP VPN is supported by IOS software, in the beginning, to release 12.0(5)XE5 on the Cisco 7100/7200 modems. Further, it is moved to the general platform support in Cisco IOS which releases 12.1(5), T.

PPTP is the procedure of Microsoft VPN that is used to access the areas which are far away. Such VPNs are highly recommended to the users who want a good speed. PPTP VPN might provide weak security due to tunnel integration but still, it gives the fastest speed.
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