How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop – Ultimate Guide

When we put out the new shiny laptop from the bag, it seems like all is well in the world but after sometimes everything starts to degrade. At some point of life one must think that how often he/she should can replace the laptop. We get easily attached to our laptops after using them for some time as its programs like videos, audios are housed on it.

How Often Should I Get a New Laptop?
How Often Should I Get a New Laptop?

But there is a need to change the laptop either it is working for a long time. If it still works does not mean that one can hold on it forever. The working of the computer or laptop slows down with the passage of time. It starts to hang and the software takes too long to load. From poor quality of processing, reduced performance and low battery power, a laptop cannot last too long. The life of a laptop usually depends on the price one can pay for the purchasing of laptop. In general, one can expect to run and work on the laptop for up to three years on average for the less budget models while the laptops which have been purchased on high budgets can work and perform for up to five years. The life span of a laptop also depends on the usage and the version of the software installed in it.

When one can Feel to Replace the Laptop

There are prominent signs of the faulty laptop when the laptop will not boot all up anymore and showing the clear signs of machine entering in the death phase. Here are some reasons that why should I replace my laptop are given below?

  1. System starts to run slowly

When a system starts running slowly, it a clear sign of an aging of computer. It starts to take longer time to boot up or power down also some programs take too long to load and may be stuck while loading. As time goes on, this processing starts slow down more and it is the time to replace to laptop than wasting time on a slow computer.

  • Unexpected shutdowns occurs

The user starts to face unexpected shutting down of the system suddenly. It is usually due to the overheating of the unit. One can come to know by the continuous running of fan and systems start to make unusual noises.

It the display goes blue completely, it is the blue screen of death and it may sometimes occur due to very serious issue in the system. The BSOD is also called as a stop error as it is the system’s way of warning and telling the person that there is a serious problem in the laptop.

  • Error in loading of new software

With the aging of system, the loading of new software does not occur as the systems become incompatible or noncompetitive. The efficiency of working and loading new software decreases to minimum. If the system is required for job or school purposes then it is a clear sign of replacing the laptop.

  • Laptop becomes insecure

As in today’s world, the technological rimes are on the peak. It takes many procedures to make the system secure and data safe. If the system does not start to accept the upgrading of different software and run slowly then it becomes a visible threat to our data in the system. Hifibeast also has excellent guides to answer your multiple questions.

Additional Reasons

There are also some reasons for replacing the laptop in time even if it survives for years, it is the time to replace the laptop.

  • Unusual but often breaks; automatically shutting down of computer and slow processing is a visible sig for the person to replace the laptop.
  • The operating system starts to take more time in booting up than usual then it is a clear warning to change the system immediately.
  • Transferring of files slows down and stuck while processing than as a new laptop used to do processing is the indication of replacement of laptops.
  • Laptop starts to take long pauses and breaks while switching from one file to another or one window to another window.
  • Blue screen of death starts to appear often than normal using of laptops which becomes hurdle in using the laptop and laptop starts to crash on its own.
  • Blurring of screen, poor display, dead pixels and period of black screen for no reason are a clear sign of replacing the old laptop with the new one.
  • Even if a laptop survives for more than 3-5 years, then it is an official time to replace the laptop with new one.

Now here a big question arises that should one person upgrade his laptop or buying a new one is the only solution.

Is it compulsory to replace the laptop with new one than to upgrade it?

The main components of upgrading the laptop are the upgrading of its RAM and the SSD, as one person has not opportunity of swap out the CPU and motherboard. In laptop the only option left is the replacement of the laptop immediately. The cost effective laptops like the most expensive one may take longer time in replacement and work efficiently for longer period than the cheaper ones.

Laptop’s battery is also the major reason in indicating the incompatibility of a laptop. Battery timing starts to decrease with the passage of time and usage of the laptop. By the end of two years, battery won’t hold the same potential as it is able to do two years before. One can solve this issue by replacing the battery or by upgrading of RAM and SSD but eventually there comes a time of replacement which is required due to damages in the old one.


Some of the frequently asked questions by people are as follows:

Can we trust second hand laptops?

  • We can if and only if the company is good. Quality matters too. It shouldn’t have been used for an excessive period of time

How long can a laptop work?

  • If treated well, a laptop may work for more than 5 years properly.

Can all laptops be upgraded easily?

  • It depends on the size of the software you want to upgrade along with the specs of your machine. If it has got more RAM and processing power it’ll be quick and vice versa.

What to look for in a new laptop while purchasing?

  • All the short comings mentioned above can be overcome just by replacement so while buying a new laptop, it is important to look for the advanced features along with the modern version of it. This may help in proper working of laptop and resulted in a better choice.
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