How To Reset Amana Washer

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How To Reset Amana Washer

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The Amana washer is one of the best models for washing clothes in stores right now. It has durable functioning and a high-quality reputation in the market. It washes clothes in less time and leaves clothes feeling softer and fresher. This makes it one of the favorite appliances for customers, not only in the US but also worldwide.

However, it is still an electrical appliance. And like all electrical devices, customers often face some complications from time to time during their time of use. But what do you think is your first instinct when you find an appliance is not working as usual? You Restart or Reset it, of course!. Similarly, with the Amana washer, you have to follow some basic steps to reset it whenever you feel skeptical of its activity.

How To Reset Amana Washer Easily

Imagine you fill up your washer to get ready to do your laundry. You have your clothes in, your detergent in, and even fill in the water. But when you start your machine, the motor does not start rotating. This is when you know something is not right with the machine, and the washer motor needs resetting. The basic steps to reset the motor of your Amana washer are as follows.

  1. Remove the washer’s plug from the socket, cutting off the power source for the time being. Let it stay in this state for about a minute. Take extra precautionary measures while you handle the wiring. Make sure it does not come in contact with any water nearby as this could damage the machine. Also, handle it carefully for your own safety to prevent any mishaps.

2. Once about a minute has passed, put the cord back into the socket. Now start with the process of continuously lifting and lowering the lid of the washer precisely 6 times. This should be done in a time duration of about 12 seconds.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

3. Once you complete the process, any minor default that was previously occurring due to a technical glitch will hopefully no longer be a problem.

Testing Resetting Process

You can check if your washer is working fine after the resetting process with a simple technique. For this, firstly, you need to plug in the washer with only the water inside. Press the start button to see if the motor is rotating without adding any clothes. Once you see that the motor’s functioning is satisfactory, only then go ahead with adding the clothes.

Reasons Leading To Malfunctioning Of Amana Washer

With the Amana washer, you could feel the need to restart its motor due to many issues. These problems may arise due to some common mistakes that users often make while operating their machines. These problems may not even require you to reset your machine most of the time. Rather some simple observations can save you much of the hassle. Some of the things you can check to ensure your machine faces no prominent threat are as follows

Improper Electrical Connection

Sometimes a faulty electrical connection can be the reason your washer isn’t working efficiently. Lower voltage in your electricity supply can lead to the inability of the washer to start. Therefore you must check the fuses and circuit breakers of your households before plugging in the Amana washer or any other electrical appliances for that matter.

Sometimes higher voltage may also affect your washer. Therefore to be safe, opt for an adapter if any unforeseen problems cause the electricity to fluctuate. This can prevent your washer from burning out. Therefore your electrical appliances can last longer.

Checking Control Setting

Before turning on the machine, make sure that you select the correct settings. There are different modes for different kinds of washing. Sometimes if the mode is not compatible with the default setting, the washer may not work. Therefore, remember to sync your washer settings to the specific mode you require for the machine’s smooth functioning.

Door Lock

This is one of the most common mistakes. Users often forget to close the door of the washer firmly enough. In this case, the washer does not start when you press the start button causing the user to believe that it has some defect. Although the door may appear to be closed many times, it may not be entirely shut. Therefore you can try shutting the door again with a little more force to ensure a perfect seal.

Delay Start Button

Sometimes by accident or even on purpose, many users activate a timer on their washer Or a delay start button. According to this option, the washer does not immediately start when they press the start button. In Fact, it does so after a certain time. Therefore users can try checking for activation of any such option to figure out their washers problem.

Control Lock Activation

Sometimes you may knowingly or unknowingly activate the control lock on your Amana washer. Check the control panel to see if this option’s light is on, indicating the feature is in operation. This option, when on, prevents you from directly starting the washer.

In this case, you need to press and hold the control lock button for 3 seconds to deactivate it and unlock your controls. This will help you get back to operating the washer settings as usual.

Connection of Anti Flood Devices

Sometimes to prevent ant water leaks, the user may not connect the washer directly to the water supply. Instead, they connect it to the anti-flood device. In this case, you need to make sure the anti-flood device is not designed to restrict the washer’s operation in any way. You can do this by contacting the manufacturers of this device.

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