How To Reset Samsung Washer

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How To Reset Samsung Washer

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Samsung is one of the leading top brands for electronic home appliances and gadgets in the market nowadays. What it ensures in its products, is high tech features, user-friendly operation, and energy conservation. Similarly, with its washing machine, Samsung has managed to keep up its reputation for an excellent performance.

The Samsung washer is a washer of the modern age with many innovative features that ensure your clothes are not just washed. In Fact, it makes sure to protect and pamper your clothes while giving them that clean and fresh finish along with the care they deserve.

However, like all electronic appliances, the Samsung washer is also a machine after all. And certain glitches or errors can cause its normal functioning to hamper or disrupt. In this case, resetting the appliance to continue with your work is a suitable option. To understand how you can Reset your Samsung washer here are some basic steps

How To Reset Samsung Washer Easily

Depending on what the problem is, the Samsung washer can show certain error codes. Each code specifies a certain problem that may be causing your washer to perform poorly. However some of the time it is just a glitch in the system and shutting off the power supply for some time might just reboot your system.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

To reset your machine you simply need to take out the washer plug from the switchboard to cut off the electric supply. Make sure to wait for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the system to refresh itself before putting it back into function.

If the main supply plug is difficult to reach or there is some other problem due to which you are unable to disconnect the main plug you can look for the breaker box. When you find it, simply flip the breaker switch to cut off the electricity supply for a certain time duration.

Once a good 10 minutes have passed, insert the plug back into the power supply or flip on the breaker. When you reconnect the electricity, the washer should turn on and start to work. To check if you were successful in fixing the glitch, run the washer for a little test with some clothes water, and detergent.

If the washer works, your glitch has been fixed. If the problem persists then you might need to focus on something other than the restarting mechanism. This is something exclusive that Samsung has featured in its latest washers for friendly use for its customers. The error codes!

Problem Indicating Error Codes

There are several codes that the washer displays in case of some technical error in the machine. These codes are usually composed of 2 symbols. They can be numerical or alphabetical or both. When you see a specific error code the first thing you need to do is identify the problem it concerns.

The manual of your machine lists all the codes and their meaning. In case you misplace the manual you can easily find the instructions on the official Samsung website. Any other customer service is also sure to provide you with such information. Once you can identify the problem it can be easier for you to find the solution.

Some of the examples of the error codes include “dc”. This is the error code for the unbalance of the load inside the machine. Now that you know what it represents you can balance the load inside the washer drum without having to try any other technique.

Similarly, “LE” indicates that there is a leakage in the washer. This may be due to damage in the machine or improper connection or placement of equipment. Either way, once you are aware of what error the machine is displaying you can look into the cause of the problem and fix it yourself or ask for help from customer service if necessary.

One more example of the error code that might arise in the Samsung washer is that of overfilling of the washer. The error code “OE” will continue to appear no matter how many times you reset the washer to indicate overfilling of the drum. Hence these codes are very useful to prevent any mishaps during the use of your Samsung washer.

Many other error codes are seen in this machine. For proper shutting of the door, turning off the switches, setting the valves, etc. All of these help you get the most out of your machine and to protect it from any misuse. Without these error codes, it is possible you ruin your machine as well as your clothes and hence time and money.

Error Codes That Need Resetting

Although most of the error codes indicate a specific solution for the machine to start working as normal. However, sometimes you can correct certain errors by specifically using the resetting process itself. Such error codes are as follows.

Water Heater Issues

If you turn the heat settings to a certain temperature yet it does not show any result you need to view the error code. If it shows an error in the water heater it is preferable to restart the machine for the reignition of the heater. The glitch is most likely to fix after the system refreshes.

Water Pressure Issues

After adjusting the water pressure if you notice no change in the settings you may see an error appear for the water pressure. To fix this problem you can try resetting the machine using the power cutting mechanism. Resetting the device will get your water pressure to reach the desired level if it was only a glitch. If it still doesn’t fit you may need to seek professional assistance

Other Issues

Other than the water pressure and heating other problems can also lead to certain errors. They include temperature issues, motor working problems and over current supply, etc. These errors do not require any complex work. Rather professionals state that the resetting technique as explained earlier can do the job of overcoming these issues.

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Therefore, if you face any issue with your Samsung washer first and foremost identify the problem. Try the resetting process by simply giving the power supply a break for a few minutes after which you can re-establish the connection. Turn towards other solutions for the issue only if the resetting problem shows no fruitful results.

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