How To Drain Roper Washing Machine

Roper Washing Machine drain is a machine component that is used to remove the water from the washing machine after it has finished washing. The drain must be removed from the Roper Washing Machine to remove any remaining water in the washing machine, as well as to avoid any build-up of limescale.

Materials Needed

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Plastic Drain Pipe Wrench or Pipe Tap

1/2″ PVC Coupling – if needed.

This can be bought from your local hardware store. Alternatively, you can use an existing 1/2″ PVC pipe which will already have a fitting at one end (although you will need to buy an adapter to make this work). The outlet of this adapter will connect with the bottom of your washing machine’s water drainage system.

A length of 1/2″ PVC pipe should be long enough for your needs – around 8-10 feet (2.4-3.0 m) is recommended.

How To Drain Roper Washing Machine

First, you need to drain the washing machine. This can be done by disconnecting the drain hose from the back of the washing machine and allowing the washing machine to empty itself into a basin or sink.

Once this has been done, it is important to check that all water has drained out of the washing machine, as there may still be some water in it which could cause damage if left in there for too long.

Once you have emptied the washing machine of any remaining water, remove all hoses and pipes from around it. This will allow you to remove any residual water in your drainage system, which could otherwise lead to mold forming on your pipes and fittings.

If your washing machine drains into a sink or basin, you will need to disconnect this from your drainage system so that it does not continue to fill up with water after you have removed the hoses and pipes from around it.

In order to do this, you will need to take the 1/2″ PVC pipe that you have bought, and connect it up with the fitting at the bottom of your washing machine’s drainage system. You can then run this pipe from your washing machine’s drainage system up into your basin or sink.

Next, you will need to connect your new drain pipe to the existing drainage system in your house.

You can use a simple adapter that connects the 2 pipes together so that they are both attached to a single outlet on your washing machine’s drainage system. This will allow water to flow from both pipes into one place – into your basin or sink.

Once you have connected up all of these components, turn on the washing machine and run it through its normal cycle. If all goes well, water should flow out of the drain in your basin or sink, and then back into the washing machine via its original drain hose – allowing it to be used again without any further hassle!

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