Bluetooth Headphones not Connecting

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Bluetooth Headphones not Connecting

With the advent of technology, headphones have evolved a lot. Bluetooth headphones have taken the place of normal headphones. They allow individuals to do multiple tasks at a time without engaging hands. But, do you know the most irritating fact about the Bluetooth headphones? This kind of situation occurs when they cannot to connect to the media devices. It creates a lot of fuss and declines your productivity level. Are you facing this situation? If yes, then for your convenience I jotted down a simple guideline. Following these guidelines, you will get to know why your Bluetooth headphones are not connecting to media devices and how to fix these.

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 In most cases, Bluetooth headphones are unable to connect to the media device due to the Wi-Fi traffic.

For instance, you will face problems in connecting your Bluetooth headphones, if you are downloading or streaming some content at the same time. Stop the streaming or downloading, if you still face this issue then turn off your Wi-Fi and don’t turn it on until or unless the Bluetooth Headphones get connected.

If Wi-Fi is not interrupting your connection, then examine the ‘pairing setting’ of your Bluetooth device. As an icon that depicts whether or not the Bluetooth headphones are connected is very small, so examine the setting before doing any other thing. After that check the manual of your media device to see whether there are some other settings that need to be considered.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

In Bluetooth headphones, battery matters a lot. The Bluetooth headphone connection depends on the battery level. Sometimes interruption in connection occurs due to the low battery of Headphones.

Mostly cheap headphones do not have a proper battery sensor level, so the processor does not support properly whenever the battery runs low.

If all the techniques of troubleshooting fail, then remove the Bluetooth link of your headphones from all the media devices. After this, connect the headphones with the devices again. Sometimes the problem is in phone settings instead of the headphones. Although it is difficult to figure out which device is causing trouble- headphones or media device, but resetting will surely help in fixing the issue.

How to fix the Bluetooth Headphones with sound issues?

The most common problem that the users of Bluetooth headphones face is no sound. Mostly the headphones are properly connected to the media device, but the sound is zero.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at the factors which can cause this issue.

Solutions for this Issue

So to hear the sound properly from your Bluetooth headphones follow the steps given below

In most cases, the problem was found in the speaker. So firstly check the speaker whether it is working properly or not. For this you need to open the system of the speaker. You can easily open the speaker in case; you know how to use the soldering tools properly.

For opening the speaker, remove the battery from the media device as it will prevent you from any defection if the short-circuits occur. After that, by twisting the foam counterclockwise, remove the foam pads of the headphone’s speaker. In case, you find any screw, open them with the help of a screw-driver. And don’t forget to bring an aux which has jack on its one end. Cut the side of an aux i.e. without jack 2cm with the help of a slicer, so that metal cord can be shown.

Moving ahead, twist one end of each cord firmly on the speaker for doing this you will need soldering tool. So, take the services of soldering tools to twist the end on the speaker.

After completion of this step, make sure to plug in the jack end in the socket of the media device. For checking the speaker turns the media device ON.

If the Speaker Works Then

As you have checked that there is no problem with the speaker of the media device then obviously the problem is in the headphones. For examining headphones, firstly check the socket port because sometimes the problem in this part causes sound issues.

The socket port has a direct or indirect connection with the speaker. If there is some sort of electrical issue with it, then within an instant replace it with the new one.

Here piques a question. How to check whether the socket port is working properly or not? For examining the socket port, I jotted down a few points that will surely help you.

Do you face any problem while inserting the aux jack in the socket?

Do you feel the socket port loose when you plug in an aux?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then replace the socket before it’s too late.

Replace the headphone socket by following the steps given below.

If Still There’s Issue is in the Speaker then

First of all, to see the connection of attached wires open to the screws of headphones. For the removal of the cables, use the soldering tools to replace the defected speakers. Replace the old cables with the new ones by following the same process as described above.

How to fix the static issue in the Bluetooth headphones?

Although Bluetooth headphones are very advanced but still the sound can get interrupted due to the issue of static and crackling noises. To avoid these issues, follow the tips given below.

How to fix the pairing issue between the mobile and headphones?

Mostly there occur pairing issues between the mobile phone and headphones. To eradicate this issue, just look at the steps given below to avoid the errors of connection. If your Bluetooth headphones are not connecting then.

These are the key issues that create hurdles in paring the headphones with the mobile. If you can fix them, your media device will pair with headphones abruptly.

Best Bluetooth headphones

In this pace era of technology, choosing the best Bluetooth headphones is a bit tricky. No need to worry, because again I jotted down a few best Bluetooth headphones that will surely help you in buying the headphones.

· Sony WH-1000XM3

Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones support the feature of noise-cancellation. By their noise cancellation feature you can get rid of the surrounding irritating noises. There is a new wrinkle in the features which enables you to hear the surrounding noises if you want to, by turning ON the quick attention mode.

You can easily take them with you while traveling, the best traveling companion ever.

· Jabra Elite 85H

Do you want to opt for headphones with an extended battery life? No worries, because these headphones offer extended battery life. They are very comfy and stylish. You can opt for them if you are looking for stylish headphones.

· Bose comfy 35 II

Are you looking for a pair of headphones that support Google assistant? If yes, then don’t waste a single second in looking for an alternative option and purchase this pair of headphones from your nearby store.

They have very clear soundstage and support noise-cancellation. A noise-cancellation feature will save you from the distraction, especially if you are doing an assigned task. These headphones are very cozy and decent.

Final Words

In a nutshell, it is very difficult to understand the functioning of electrical devices especially Bluetooth headphones and the reason behind their poor performance.  If your Bluetooth headphones are not connecting try to apply the above-explained techniques, but if the issue continues; then consult a technician.

And most importantly, the quality of headphones matters a lot. If you have bad-quality headphones, then there are more chances that they will not work properly. As their battery sensor is of extremely low quality, which might cause connectivity issues. So, before purchasing Bluetooth headphones, DO RESEARCH. As research will assist you in buying the best performance Bluetooth headphones and prevent you from huge losses.

Last but not least, don’t compromise on quality.

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