How to Pair and Reset JBL Headphones

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How to Pair and Reset JBL Headphones

An American company, JBL manufactures headphones as well as loudspeakers. The company produces wireless headphones, both on-ear, and in-ear. These headphones provide you a comfortable and stylish experience with incomparable designs. You can experience the wireless streaming of music and calls. Do you have your own pair of JBL headphones? If yes, are you stuck trying to figure out how to pair and reset it? Pairing these JBL devices using Bluetooth to your laptop or phone is quite similar to other Bluetooth pairings. Here you will get to know all the answers to your problems.

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How to Pair JBL Headphones

Pairing JBL wireless headphones to your device’s Bluetooth will be quite like pairing any other device on Bluetooth. Follow these steps and you will be ready to listen to your favorite music in a high-performance sound.

Step 1: Switch on the pairing mode to connect on Bluetooth

If you are connecting your headphones for the first time, it will turn on automatically. The light on the headphones will blink. This means that the device has automatically started its pairing mode. If you have paired the device before, you need to turn the pairing mode manually. To do that, you need to press the Bluetooth button for at least 3 continuous seconds. Once the LED flashes, the pairing mode has been switched on. You are ready to connect your phone to the JBL headphones now.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

Step 2: On your phone or laptop’s Bluetooth find the JBL device

You now need to find the JBL device. To do that, given below are the method for different devices.

  1. Android: turn on Bluetooth by going to settings. Then, select the ‘Pair new device’ option. When you find the JBL device, connect your device to it by clicking on it.
  2. iPhone: turn n Bluetooth by opening settings and then Bluetooth. Select the ‘Other Devices’ option and find the JBL device. Once you have found it, connect it to your phone.
  3. Windows 10: Open the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ option. You will find this in the Bluetooth button in the toolbar. Here you need to click the ‘show Bluetooth devices.’ If the option is hidden, you need to click the upward arrow at the bottom of your screen.  After the ‘add a device’ window opens, find and click on your JBL device. You can also open Bluetooth options from the search box. Search Bluetooth here. Bluetooth and other devices’ window will open and you need to click this option. Your Bluetooth needs to be on. Find the device here and connect to it.
  4. macOS: for connecting on MacOS, first open Apple menu. Go to ‘System Preferences’ from here and select Bluetooth. Find the JBL device here and click on it. Click Accept if the bar shows up.

Step 3: Confirm the pairing

To confirm that the devices have been paired, the LED will stop blinking. The JBL device will also give an audio confirmation that the devices have been connected.

How to Reset JBL Headphones

Before you change to another device, you need to reset the JBL saved settings. Once the previous pairing has been forgotten, you can connect to a new device.

Step 1: Power off the headphones

To do this, you need to click on the ‘power’ button situated on the right ear cup. The headphones will make a sound to confirm that it has been powered off.

Step 2: Hold down the ‘volume up’ and volume down’ buttons simultaneously

You need to locate the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons that are situated on the right ear cup of JBL headphones. Hold down the buttons simultaneously for at least 5 consecutive seconds. When the headphones are powered off, the device will make a sound to notify.

Step 3: Release the buttons

Now, release the ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons, and the device will make power on sound. Following this, the device will make a pinging sound. This pinging sound will confirm that the JBL headphones have been restored. It will be reversed to the default factory settings and will be back to the pairing mode.

The device has been restored and can be paired with a new device. That’s how you perform a quick reset for headphones.

Pairing failures

It might be the case that the JBL device will not pair with the phone or laptop device. If you have followed the above steps, and the devices are still not connecting, there can be a connectivity failure. Connectivity failures can be resolved with the following methods:

  1. Compatibility: the device you are trying to pair with the JBL device might not be compatible with it. Make sure the two devices are compatible.
  2. Power: problems in connecting devices might also be because either of the devices is powered off. The device might be in power-saving or sleep mode and, therefore, not connecting.
  3. Modes: if the airplane mode or power-saving mode is turned on, the devices will not connect. Double-check to ensure that they are turned off.
  4. Proximity: JBL headphones, like all others, can connect to devices up to 30 feet away. There might be a distortion in signals if the distance is too great, so try bringing the two devices closer together.
  5. Charge: in some devices, there can be connectivity issues if the charging is too low. These devices support smart power management, and this can cause a distortion in signals if the charging is low. Try charging the device you are trying to pair. This should resolve the issue if your device supports smart power management.
  6. Setting: try a different method of deleting saved settings. The method you are using might have been corrupted.

JBL wireless headphones can provide a wonderful experience of music with high-quality performance. If you have bought a new pair of JBL headphones and are trying to figure them out, follow the above steps. With the guide above, you can enjoy the music listening experience to the fullest.

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