Review: Sennheiser HD580

Anyone who is familiar with the headphone market is aware of the brand name Sennheiser. They have come out with good quality headphones time and time again. The Sennheiser HD580 is one of their best entry level headphones that many people are raving about.

These headphones are in the mid-price range and represent excellent value for money. Here we take a closer look at them to see if they are the right option for you. Let’s get started!

Key specifications of the Sennheiser HD580

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Headphone type

These headphones are open circumaural. Their outer ear covering is perforated so that air passes through. The atmosphere created is one where the sound coming through the earphones mimics the sound of the world around you. The soft covering also prevents pressure from forming over the ears and also prevents sweating and itching of the ears.


The headband is made of plastic and is a single fixed band that joins the ear pads together. The plastic is not of the best quality available in the market, but still better than most low-budget models with a good level of durability.


They weigh around 260 grams. They are neither the heaviest earphones out there and neither are they too light. They seem to be suitable for listening to music for long periods and will sit comfortably on your head.

Driver type

This headphone is dynamic. They have electromagnetic drivers that pass the signals through a coil towards the diaphragm and creates sound. These sounds are dynamic and can change depending on the audio signals and quality being received by the earphones.

Other specs

Impedance (ohms) – The impedance of these earphones is around 300.

Frequency Response (Hz) – These earphones response to a frequency of anywhere between 12-3800 Hz.

Connector – These earphones have connector of 3.5mm with a 6.5mm adaptor.

Cable length – The cable length is 300cm which gives it enough distance from the plug to be a conformable experience.

Pros and cons

Pros of Sennheiser HD580

These headphones have a lot of pros and here we’ll take a closer look.

  • These earphones are best suited for listening to audio set in the midrange timbre. While the sounds of the upper and lower pitches are also of the better quality compared to other earphones in the same price range, the best audio representation is of the voices ranging between the two. The tonality of its midrange is better than anything on the market.
  • Considering the price of the product, the resolution of the audio setting is one of the better ones available today.
  • The high pitched sounds are clear and not piercing through the earphones. They can give you a good music experience without the need to remove earphones at the sudden raise in pitches.
  • These earphones are solidly built, having a thick plastic band with sturdy ear cups. They can last for many years without much damage. The pads of the earphones can become soft over time, which could be to your preference.
  • The earphones is made up of detachable pieces. They can be easily taken apart and set together again. If a part of the headphones gets damaged, then that part can be removed and replaced. The ear cups can be taken apart by rotating at 90 degrees. You can also take off the grills at the back of the headphones and replace them if desired.
  • These are of the best mid-fi range earphones in their price slot. The earphones themselves cost only $150 to $160. If you buy extensions with them, for a better listening experience they can cost higher depending on the extension you have bought.

Cons of Sennheiser HD580

  • One of the major flaw in this headphone is its bass performance. It is good for sound up to the mid bass level but anything below that, just becomes inaudible if you are using these headphones. The roll off of these headphones start at around 150Hz, but it becomes very steep by the time it reaches 60Hz. With music that is laying on this bottom range, the earphones can make it seem like the entire track at the bottom range is missing.
  • Unlike other headphones the bass of this model cannot be EQ’d in. The lower frequencies of these headphones have a little distortion. If you try to make the sub-bass neutral, it will bleed into the midrange.
  • The soundstage of these earphones can also become problematic. The sound can seem a little congested.
  • While the midrange of these earphones are the best, there is a slight bump around 3.5-4KHz. There is a slight glare in this range, which can take a person out of their audio experience.
  • The plastic used in the making of the earphones is not of the best quality available. If you are the type of person who prefers everything of the best quality, then these might not be for you.


These are very good headphones for their price range. They are very well balanced in terms of the audio experience they provide. You can listen to music with them on without your ears sweating, because of the airy and open quality of the ear buds. Their frequency response is also very good, any changes in sound in the midranges is smoothly transferred.

The only problem is with the lower bass, which can be problematic if you listen to music in that lower range. These earphones are comfortable and fit well to your head. They aren’t too tight when you first get them and instead you’ll have a snug and comfortable fit.


Overall, we were very impressed by these headphones considering their price range. It’s hard to find anything better for this level of headphones and they also look great too. If their specifications suit your music listening tastes then they are something that will definitely be worth investing in. Not only do they sound great but they also have a solid build quality. Add all this to the trusted Sennheiser brand and you can’t go wrong.

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