Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue – How To Fix

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Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

If you are using the Ring Doorbell, then you must have seen its flashing blue light which indicates that it is charging. Well, the Ring Doorbell is not a camera or a gadget that can be used only to receive notifications from your home security system.

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The purpose of the Ring Doorbell is to help you know when somebody is at your door and also it has other features like voice notification. It can send an alert when someone approaches your door or even when somebody rings your doorbell.

What Does the Ring Doorbell Do?

When you have this smart device, then you can see that the Ring Doorbell has a few basic features, it can detect motion, it can be used as a security system, and it can also work as a speakerphone. The Ring Doorbell is capable of communicating with your existing home security system and other home devices.

The Ring Doorbell also works as a Wi-Fi extender which means that it acts as an external wireless router and also acts as a mobile hotspot. You can connect your tablet or any other device to the Wi-Fi network and use it to connect to the internet.

Tech Support 24/7
Ask a Tech Specialist Online

Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

The Ring Doorbell also works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant so that you can use voice commands for controlling your doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Blue Light Flashing Error: Why Is It Happening?

If you are using the Ring Doorbell and have seen that it’s flashing blue light on then there is no need to worry about this error message because this is not a problem related to the doorbell or the battery of the doorbell.

This error message is coming from your smartphone or computer because this problem is caused by some third-party app or service installed on your smartphone or computer.

If you are using the Ring Doorbell and have noticed that the Ring Doorbell is flashing blue light then it means that your smartphone or computer is not able to communicate with the Ring Doorbell.

This error message will also be appearing on your smartphone or computer if you are trying to use the ring doorbell in offline mode.

The solution to this problem is to restart your smartphone or computer and then try again to use the Ring Doorbell

What Does Flashing Blue Light Mean?

If you see a blue light blinking on your Ring doorbell when you go to answer it, your device is likely charging. This means that the battery is being charged by the Ring Doorbell.

This is because when you are charging your device, the battery is going to get charged. This light flashing blue indicates that your device is charging and when it is fully charged, then it will be blinking green

You don’t need to panic about this blue light flashing on your Ring Doorbell because it is a normal thing.

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

What Other Errors Are There When Ring Doorbell Is Installed?

If the system does not ring, it means that the battery is low. You can also check the battery by pressing the button and waiting for a few seconds to see if it turns on

If this doesn’t work, then you have to get in touch with Ring customer support.

Another issue that users face is the Wi-Fi connection. It happens when the device loses its connection to Wi-Fi or the internet and cannot connect again until the network becomes available again.

This problem can be solved by restarting your router or disconnecting and reconnecting your device to Wi-Fi or other devices in your home that are connected to it.

It also means that you have a weak Wi-Fi signal in your home, which might be caused by weak signal strength, interference from other devices, or faulty equipment.

It might also be a problem related to bad Wi-Fi access points in your area; you should try to change the location of your access point or change the channel on your router.

Ring doorbells can be connected to different Wi-Fi networks and might lose their connection with one of them. To solve this problem, you should reset your Ring doorbell by holding down the power button for five seconds and pressing it again.

Then, press and hold the button on the back of your Ring doorbell for 15 seconds to enter a factory reset mode. Finally, restart your device.

In addition, if you have more than one Wi-Fi network in your home or if you have other devices that use the same network, it might be impossible for the Ring doorbell to connect to all of them at once.

You should try to unplug other devices from their Wi-Fi connection so that Ring can access all of them at once. If this doesn’t work, then try turning off other devices or changing their locations to find out which one is causing problems with Ring Doorbell not connecting.

How to Fix a Ring Doorbell Not Working Problem?

If you are facing any issue with your Ring doorbell, then you can contact Ring customer support. Ring offers support 24/7 and they will help you solve any problem that you are facing.

Ring also provides a free 24-hour technical support service through phone or email. If you have installed the device on your own, then there is no need to call or email Ring customer support.

Ring doorbell works as a standalone device and it can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network without the need of a hub or router, but if you want to use it in conjunction with another device, then it needs an internet connection.

You can connect your Ring doorbell directly to your home Wi-Fi network using an Ethernet cable or by setting up a new Wi-Fi network that is separate from other devices that are connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

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