How to Reset Vizio TV – [ Ultimate 2021 Guide ]

Are you constantly facing the problem of connectivity with your Vizio TV? Are you continuously bothered by jamming and hanging off the screen or facing serious TV or audio quality problems? Most probably, your tv needs a factory reset for better working that can ease the storage settings with the most efficient settings. However, there are many options that can lead you to the resolution of your problem.

You are in the right place to know each and every detail about your tv problem and the best solutions present with or without a remote. This article offers insight into how to reset Vizio tv based on the network’s availability and problem evaluation. Henceforth, based on the evaluation and the resources available, you can solve the issues with just a little time.

How to Reset Vizio TV

Vizio TV Reset

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The Vizio TV reset signifies the previous and original settings of the tv. It was resetting the original customs of the tv when it came. These settings can delete major files and passwords with the accounts and the data to solve different problems. These problems are with the respective solutions, including the hang of the tv, jamming, audio related problems, or even connectivity of your wireless set of the smart Vizio tv.

Hence, you can go to the troubleshooting problem or evaluate the problem to get the best and favorable outcomes. Based on your analysis, you can easily figure out the problem at home.

Soft Reset of Vizio Smart TV

The soft reset is relatively easy and involves a less time-consuming and easy instruction process. By following these steps, you can soft reset your Vizio TV.

  • Initially, you will have to shut down your device before doing anything else.
  • Shutting down the device will significantly impact the overall memory status, any dissipation, and the disposition of the charge.
  • Then, restart your device.

This is the first advice given by any technical support system because of its efficiency in solving minor or soft problems. Hence, by using this method, you will have a soft reset of your Vizio tv.

Hard Reset of Vizio Smart TV

Now, if your soft reset does not work and you figure out serious problems with your device, you need to have a hard factory reset. Hence, this reset can eliminate viruses and deletes major temporary files, and clear the memory to achieve the desired products. In short, it evaluates and reset the configuration and firmware of the tv in this process.

  • First of all, remove the plug from the main source or socket.
  • Similarly, from the remote control, open the menu bar to proceed further.
  • From selecting the system and admin, you will come forward to a reset button.
  • Hence, press that reset button, from where factory default will ask for a penal code.
  • Here, you will have to insert the panel code that, in this case, is 0000.
  • Now, in the end, click reset and ok.
  • From here, your Vizio device will shut down and will start the restart process.
  • After finishing, let it finish the process, switch on the power socket, and plugged in the device.
  • Now, set up the system and start the router.
  • Finally, reconnect the internet to Vizio tv.

This hard reset is different from the first process. Hence, if for any reason, the soft factory reset fails, then only you have to work on the hard factory reset of the tv.

When to use the hard factory reset method?

Using a hard factory reset can be a challenging task and is preferably used when other processes fail. Hence, the hard reset can remove all the accounts, eliminate all the files, and reset all the smart TV configurations. Hence, you must initially always go for an easy option of soft factory reset and must use this option while there is no last resort.

However, there are some problems specifically for which hard factory reset is recommended. These are the mentioned problems for which you can use the hard factory reset.

  • Connectivity issues in case of any internet or wireless signals
  • General lagging or unexpected behavior from the device
  • Problems related to audio or basic speakers
  • Problems regarding the video and its proper working
  • Random application problems or major crashes

Finally, based on the above data, you can evaluate the need for the hard reset for a favorable outcome. However, it would be best if you kept in mind the risk factor of this factory boot with the elimination of all the data and the changed configurations of your Vizio TV.

Power Cycle Reset

If you are only confronting your device’s hacking problems, this Power cycle reset is one of the ideal choices for you. It is a highly efficient and convenient option for users because of the easy process and favorable outcomes. It is favorable when the TV is jammed or just having an unusual behavior overall.

To do the process, first, turn off your tv with a remote button and further proceed. Similarly, if the tv is jammed or hanged, you will have to press the TV’s power button. After the TV is switched off, let it be switched off for a good five to ten minutes, turn on the tv, and the process is finished. Finally, the tv will not hang furthermore if it was a minor problem. You can also use the power connection to switch off the tv for a favorable result.

In Case of No Signal

Most probably, the signal issue arises mostly because of the input distortion or the problem with the input of the device that can be a coaxial cable, antenna, or a box. Hence, for this particular problem, you must look for these steps to achieve the solution of this certain problem. Finally, follow these instructions;

In Case of Coaxial Cable or Antenna

  • First and foremost, look for the input method button from the remote and choose the method that has been selected in the TV input.
  • If the TV is not selected in the menu option, look for the DVD or CD options. These are the alternatives that you have to look for in the input option.
  • Then, go to the menu and select the channel from your Vizio remote control.
  • Now, go to the option that says find the channel.
  • The main option will be to scan the input method; you will have the perfect evaluation by scanning. After scanning, click ok and further proceed and click done. In the end, click back to the exit, and it will show you the main menu of the channel system and back again on the initial position.
  • Now use the remote to save the channels for the new order.

By following the following instructions, you can adjust the settings of the channel with the best results.

In Case of AD or HDMI Cable Network

However, if you are using an HDMI cable or an AD cable, the process is a little different yet fully efficient.

  • Firstly, click the input button to trace the input source. For this operation, use your Vizio Tv remote control.
  • Similarly, for the AD signal input, you will have to select the COMP input method based on compatibility. Moreover, for the HDMI cable network, you will have to select the HDMI cable network.
  • Now that the cable is done select the changing channel option and save the channel preference.
  • In the end, use your remote control to change the channel.

Hence, according to the network and input system’s need and availability, you can solve the signal issues. This method can ensure the best results with careful execution and the overall comprehension of the problem.

Next Steps After the Reset

Now, your TV is all set after the restart, and the setup is complete. This is the time to use the tv and add the account and download some files. This also means that you will have to add all the applications again to have a smooth experience. You will also have to set the connectivity and the internet to have the installed apps in the system.

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Wrapping Up

A factory reset is a wise option when a problem confronts you with your network. Whether it be the signal issue or the video and audio? Whether it be the internet connectivity issue or the constant hanging of the TV screen? To all your problems, the ultimate solution lies in the factory reset.

However, the major question is to address when to choose which option and which option is more feasible for your problem. This article has provided you a guide with which you can analyze the options and apply them to the issues based on the nature of the problem and the alternatives available. Finally, after the reset, you can have the best connectivity and add accounts after downloading your needs applications.

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