Verizon LTE Not Working – How To Fix

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Verizon LTE Not Working

If you are having trouble with Verizon LTE, you can try the following to trouble shoot:

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1. Turn the Wi-Fi Off

If you’re having problems with Verizon LTE, the best thing to do is to turn your Wi-Fi off and be sure that the automatic connection to Wi-Fi is not set up. If you turn on Wi-Fi, your phone won’t allow you to join an LTE network, because devices are mostly set up for using Wi-Fi whenever it’s possible.

2. Enable Data

For your device to have an LTE network, you must first turn on the data or the cellular network. You can do it using the quick dropdown menu. You also have the option to go to Settings and then enable your mobile data by switching on the “Cellular”, but these steps will differ depending on what kind of phone you have.

3. Restart Device

It is usually possible to solve many types of technical problems using the simple method of restarting your device. This method can solve many types of network problems.

4. Switch the Airplane Mode to On and Off

You may be able to solve this by switching airplane mode to on & off several times, but you must wait about 15-30 seconds in between the switching. Also, switching airplane mode to on & off has to be done minimum 2 or 3 times, and then turn on your data again. It can restore your LTE signal.

5. Removing and Inserting SIM Card

There may be problems with the SIM cards in your Verizon LTE that are not recognized. Then try to remove your SIM card and reinsert it into your device. Be gentle when removing your SIM card as you don’t want to touch the points of gold contact. And when you reinsert it, make sure that you line up the notches on the SIM and in the port.

Also, you need to check that your SIM is in good condition and make sure there aren’t any cracks or even damage to it when you try to reinsert it, because those things might be the cause of the connecting issues.

Verizon LTE Not Working

6. Replacing SIM Card

Replacing a new SIM can fix problems with the not working Verizon LTE if you have finished the steps above, and you notice that your SIM card is cracked or bent. In addition, you would not like to force a SIM card that is defective into your phone by trying to insert it. You may have to call Verizon and request a new one for you.

7. Reset the Network Settings

If your Verizon LTE doesn’t work, you can try resetting the network settings and see if that resolves the problem; it is easy to do this by following these below steps:

  1. Open the “Settings” on device
  2. Choose the “System” /  “General Management”
  3. Find the option “Reset”
  4. Choose “Reset Network Settings”
  5. If necessary, you will probably be asked to input passcode
  6. Confirm the network reset
  7. The device will restart
  8. Now check if LTE works again

8. Check if There Is a Verizon Outage

Sometimes, an issue with the network is due to a network outage, so one way to fix that would be to use Down Detector to check if there is a network outage. If it is merely a service outage, there will be nothing that you can do for it until Verizon fixes the problem.

9. Move Location

If you still have issues with your Verizon LTE, it may be because you are currently far from the network coverage area, and therefore you won’t be able to get signals. If you are using a phone that is within a building, some noise or interference could cause it to lose connection; try taking it outdoors to see if that helps.

10. Make Sure the Device Is LTE Compatible

One of the reasons why LTE for Verizon doesn’t work is because the device is not compatible with the LTE network, which could occur if you have an old device that uses 3G only or maybe a new device that uses 5G only. Most smartphones will detect which network you are on, and they will switch to it. You don’t have to do anything to make it work, but make sure you have it enabled if you want to use LTE.

11. Contact the Verizon Customer Service

If you’ve tried everything but can’t connect to Verizon LTE, you may need to talk to Verizon Customer Service about the problem. There may be an issue with your account, your payment, or maybe the device that is failing. Verizon will probably want to see whether the device is able to be repaired or you have to get the new one.

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