How To Fix “SIM Not Provisioned”

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How To Fix “SIM Not Provisioned”

The “SIM Not Provisioned” error indicates that your Card hasn’t been given permission to work on the system of your provider. All Cards must be enabled before they can be used, but if you had previously enabled yours with the same phone, everything else could have been the problem.

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A SIM provisioning error can be caused by a carrier issue, or it might be caused by a defective SIM card or SIM slot. The “SIM Not Provisioned” error may also be caused by either hardware or software lags on your device.

A carrier issue can cause A SIM provisioning error, or a damaged SIM card or SIM slot can cause it. Software or hardware glitches can also cause the “SIM Not Provisioned” error on your phone. This error can also occur if you have been out of your Wi-Fi network for a long period and have recently returned.

Finally, the least likely reason is that your device is not bearer unlocked, which implies it does not help prepaid cards from transmitters others with which you have a contract.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

This error indicates that your phone does not recognize the SIM card. As a result, you wouldn’t be capable of sending or receiving voicemails, use mobile service, or do anything else that requires a SIM card. If this is your current situation, follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.

So, how do you resolve this error? Let’s get started.

Ensure SIM is Inserted Properly

Newer smartphones use a flimsy-looking tray to hold your SIM cards, which can flex and bend when inserted. As a result of the SIM not properly touching the internal contacts, your phone may fail to recognize the SIM card.

Take out the SIM card and slowly re-insert it. To prevent the card from bending and lacking the contacts inside, keep it flush with the tray.

If your device is older and has a noticeable SIM slot, use a dry earphone or a super absorbent cloth to clean the contacts. Try all of these dual-SIM phones with both SIM slots.

Restart Your Phone

The next step is to restart your phone. This may resolve the SIM problem by resetting all recent configuration changes.

To reboot an Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the smaller Power icon on the phone’s side.
  2. A menu will appear, displaying the various power options.
  3. Select “Restart” or “Power off.”
  4. If you choose “Power off” after the phone has completely shut down, turn it back on by pressing and holding the start button once more.

To reboot an iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the start button on the phone’s side or top. The location of the button varies depending on the model.
  2. A prompt to “slide to power off” will appear. Swipe it away to turn off the device.
  3. Restart the phone by firmly pressing and holding the Start button until it turns back on.

How To Fix “SIM Not Provisioned”

Activate Your SIM Card

When you insert a SIM card into a console, it usually detects itself, but sometimes it doesn’t and you have to manually activate it. The methods for activating a SIM differ depending on the carrier, but the most frequent are:

  1. Using an automated phone system.
  2. I’m sending an SMS.
  3. Accessing your account on the carrier’s website.
  4. To learn how to access your SIM card, contact your carrier.

Try Using The SIM Card On Different Device

If the problem persists, try using a different phone with the same SIM card. This allows you to determine whether the problem was caused by the SIM card or the carrier, or if it was caused by your phone all along. Turn off both devices and take the SIM card out of your current phone.

Switch on the other device and insert the SIM card. Check to see if your SIM card is activated and authorized. Wait for the error to reappear.

Clean Your SIM Port

If there are suspicious materials on the SIM port, SIM slot/port, or the SIM itself, your device may fail to recognize and enable your SIM card. We’re talking about dirt, grime, dust, and other foreign materials. Check that your card and port are rid of these substances.

Eject the SIM tray from your phone and spotless both the card and the port. We recommend that you turn off your device first. Clean the gold connection on your SIM card with a soft, dry cloth. Repeat for the SIM card plate and slot. But be gentle; don’t use too much pressure when wiping down the SIM card slot to avoid breaking the metal contacts.

A compressed air can be used to blow loose dirt out of hollow SIM card ports. Steam from your inhalation could harm the port if you blow air into it with your mouth. Replace the SIM card and ensure that it is properly seated in the SIM tray and inputted into the port.

Update Carrier Setting

You may need to update the transmission settings on your new phone after adjusting your SIM card. If the upgrade does not occur automatically, you must manually search for an update.

To update Android’s carrier settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings > About Phone from the menu.
  2. Select Update profile. If it isn’t there, check the System upgrades section.

If you are unable to see these options, try this:

  1. Navigate to Settings > More.
  2. Cellular networks > Carrier Settings should be selected.
  3. Select Update Device Configuration.
  4. When it’s finished, click OK.

To update iOS carrier settings, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a WiFi hotspot.
  2. On the dialer app, enter ##873283#.
  3. Call should be tapped.
  4. When the message “Starting Service Update” appears, click OK.
  5. When it is finished, select OK once more

Replace The SIM Card

If none of these debugging steps help, it’s time to change your SIM card. You could call your carrier, but I’d recommend visiting your carrier’s nearest outlet.

They can check your SIM card and tell you if it needs to be replaced or if your provisioning issue can be resolved right away. Don’t be concerned if they say you need a replacement. The store is prepared to handle such swaps and reconnect you to your channel as quickly as possible.

After you’ve fixed the error, use your phone to perform a connection speed test to ensure your connection is stable.

Run a speed test at or

Attempt to use the Wifi tethering as well. If you are having problems with your private hotspot on iOS, there are fixes available that will allow you to get it working again in seconds. Even if your SIM card does not perform, you can still access Wi-Fi on the deleted phone.

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