How To Clean La Cornue Brass

Anyone who has owned a La Cornue stove is well aware of the problem that can occur when trying to clean brass. If you have never used one, you may not be aware of how difficult it can be to get all the tarnish off the brass parts.

A well-working stove can last a lifetime, but if you have an older model that is prone to tarnish, you may want to learn how to clean it properly.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning brass is not difficult and should be relatively easy for most people. However, you will need to use some special care when cleaning the parts of your La Cornue stove because of the material it is made from

Here’s how to clean La Cornue brass:

Make sure it’s turned off

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Before you begin cleaning your La Cornue stove, make sure that it is turned off. This will prevent any accidental fires from starting. It also protects you from being harmed from the heat, an electric charge, or more. It may also be a good idea to eject the propane tank.

How To Clean La Cornue Brass

Take out the grates and racks

Before you begin cleaning, remove the grates and racks. The metal grates can scratch the finish on your stove, while the metal racks can damage it.

Put the grates and racks in a safe place before you begin cleaning. You don’t want to be dislodging them when you are cleaning the stove because they will come into contact with the cleaner that you are using. If this happens, you could scratch or damage your La Cornue stove as well as getting very messy in the process.

Mix a gentle cleaning solution

If you don’t have a brass cleaner, mix one up yourself. Start by mixing a gallon of warm or hot water, a tiny teaspoon’s worth of dish-cleaning soap, and a cup of vinegar, particularly white vinegar. This will give you a solution that is much more gentle than what you would find in the store. This type of gentle cleaning solution will be better for your brass.

Apply the solution to the stove

Using a clean rag, wet it with your cleaning solution and then apply it to the areas of your La Cornue stove that need cleaning. You should avoid getting any of the solution on any of the other parts of your stove because it can cause corrosion or damage them. Alternatively, you can avoid unnecessary spillage by pouring it into a spray bottle.

You should start by applying the solution to the grates and then move on to the parts of your stove that are made of metal. You can use a scrubbing brush to help clean some of the grime off of your stove, but you will need to be careful when using it because it can scratch the finish.

Rinse off the residue

Once you have finished cleaning your La Cornue stove, rinse or wipe it off with clean water and dry it thoroughly. Once you have rinsed it off, dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth or paper towel before you put the racks, grates, or other parts back on.

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