GTA Online Stuck on Loading Screen – How to Fix It

By Max Anthony •  Updated: 06/12/21 •  6 min read

GTA Online Stuck on Loading Screen- How to Fix It

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GTA Online is a one of the most popular online gaming experiences and builds on the epic franchise. Lately, some users are complaining that they are having issues with the game, such as the game getting stuck on the loading screen.

Several factors are causing the game to get stuck on the loading screen, but with every problem, there is always a solution. Any technical problem can be solved with troubleshooting methods.

Let us look at several different methods that can help us solve this problem.

Troubleshooting steps if GTA is stuck on the loading screen.

Restart your computer/console

If your game is stuck on the loading screen for more than three minutes, you should consider quitting the game and restarting your computer/console. If you wait longer than three minutes, the game will show an error message, and you will be forced to restart anyway.

Tech Support 24/7
Ask a Gaming Expert Online

Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

Change your character slot

The problem could be that specific character you are using that is causing the issue. Sometimes, reloading or switching to another character slot can fix the issue.

Problem with your disc or console

If you are still unable to get back into your game after changing the character, there may be a problem with your disc or your console. Try your GTA online disc in another console or try your friend’s disc in your console to fix the problem. This method will help you determine, if the problem is with a particular disc or the console. If there is a problem with your disc, check for scratches or any damages on your disc.

Reset your spawn location (PS4/Xbox)

Go to the social club page from your console, then click on settings in the top right corner of the screen. Select the linked accounts tab and, unlike the PSN ID or gamer tag linked to your social club account. Login to the character giving you issues and change your spawn location to “last known location.” Now, relink your PSN ID or gamer tag to your social club account. This strategy is helpful when the first GTA online load screen gets stuck, there is still some animation left, and you can access the Xbox home.

Check your GTA online status

To check your GTA online status, go to the Rockstar games “service status page.” Look under grand theft auto and check your game’s status if it is highlighted in red. It will show if you are playing the game during the maintenance period of the website.

Suspend your game for few seconds

If you are on a PC, go in the windows resource manager and select the properties tab. Click on GTA.exe and click suspend. Wait for only 10 seconds and then resume. Make sure that you do not leave it for more than 10 seconds; otherwise, the game will crash, and you will have to restart the game again. The idea behind this strategy is that you are only leaving it long enough that it will not try to connect with those players anymore that are giving it problems.

Get updates from the Rock Star game website

Getting regular updates from the Rockstar games website may help solve the problem. First, check the version of your game. You can do this by clicking on the three dots near the launch game button at the end of the drop-down menu. Here, you will be able to see the version of the game. Whenever you launch the game, GTA updates automatically, but sometimes the updates fail to happen.

You can launch the new updates yourself by going on “steam.” Go to the game library, then right click on GTA and select properties. In the local game files, click on the game tab that says, “Verify the integrity of game files.” Steam will check if there are any issues with the game files, and it will also check for any pending updates.

Do not load into an online mood directly

When you load into an online mood directly, it can cause the game to stay on “Joining online GTA” screen for a more extended period. To avoid this problem, start your game with a single player mode, and then by using the character switch wheel, switch to an online character. This will reduce the loading time to only a few minutes as compared to a more extended period to load.

Restart your computer or your network

Start by simply turning off your router and your computer which is a simple process. Turn off all the buttons on your router and unplug all the cables connected to your router. Wait for a few minutes then plug all the cable back to the router just like before. Restart your router and then restart your computer. Connect your computer back to the internet and check if the issue still exists

Reset your router

Look for the reset button on the back of your router and makes sure that the router is powered on. With the help of a pointy pin or a fine needle, press the reset button on the router for 15 seconds. When you see the light blinking after 15 seconds, release the pressure. Wait for the router to fully reset itself and power back on. Sometimes the GTA gets stuck because of a connectivity issue or a glitch in the game itself, so this strategy can resolve this issue.


Online gaming has become hugely popular which can make it even more annoying when it’s not working properly. Thankfully there are many steps you can take to get back to doing what you love. Usually the solutions are very simple but there are other times when you make need to look a little deeper to find the answers.

It can be very frustrating when you are playing the GTA online game, and the screen gets stuck. I hope this article help in resolving the issues you are experiencing. Follow each step closely, and you will be on your way to playing without any issues again!


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