Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers for Ford F150


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Spending money on the right steering wheel cover for a Ford F150 might be challenging if a consumer does not have the correct information. In this article, we will review the ten best steering wheel covers for the Ford F150 that are currently in the market.

Steever Solid Max – Steering Wheel Cover

The Steever Max steering wheel cover is considered by consumers as an ideal steering wheel cover fit for your Ford F150. It is constructed with microfiber leather, which provides quality and durability.

Color:  Black

Material: Leather

Brand: Steevere Max Solid

About this item:

  • Comes in high quality and durable Microfiber Leather
  • This cover is breathable, and has a non-slip material
  • Comes in 14.50-inches to 15.50-inches in size
  • Considered eco-friendly, basically odorless, with a non-toxic material

New Diamond Leather – Steering Wheel Cover

This leather steering wheel cover caters for the high-end class needs. It has an aesthetic design that includes crystal rhinestones. It provides a universal size fit, so it will fit every steering wheel preference.

Color: Black

Material: Leather & rhinestones

Brand: ChuLian

Item Diameter: 15.5-inches

Vehicle Service Type: Suitable for the all-terrain type vehicles

About this item:

  • High quality leather with diamond craftwork.
  • This steering wheel cover is ideal for the female of the species.
  • Sparkle shine easily seen through the windshield.
  • Fantastic to touch and feels fine on wheel hands.
  • Enables a simple and easy installation for the end-user.

SEG Direct Microfiber Leather – Steering Wheel Cover

The SEG steering wheel cover is popular with consumers, and it will adequately protect the factory-made Ford F-150 steering wheel. It is crafted from excellent microfiber leather, and is a universal size fit for all steering wheel sizes. Heat resistant, quite smooth, and comfortable when driving.

Color: Black

Material: Leather

Brand: SEGE Direct

About this item:

  • Made from durable microfiber leather.
  • Anti-skid proof material, and heat resistant.
  • Rated as driver friendly.
  • Suitable for steering wheels with a diameter 14.50-inches to 15.0-inches.
  • Delivers the perfect decor for any car and provides protection for your steering wheel too.

BOKIN – Steering Wheel Cover

The Bokin cover is a quality product, that is highly appropriate for the Ford F-150. Designed from microfiber leather, which provides a smooth and comfortable feel on the driving wheel hands, at all times. It is durable and contains non-slipping features. Breathable and odorless, making it useful in all kinds of weather. Available in a universal size fit.

Color: Gray

Material: Leather – microfiber

Brand: BOKIN

About this item:

  • Smooth and comfortable microfiber leather, this Bokin steering cover will keep hands warm during winter, and cool amidst summer.
  • Universal standard fit for 15.0-inch steering wheel fit, ensure installation is easy.
  • Breathable cover, which will absorb perspiration.
  • The ductile material permits easy installation, with no tools required.
  • Bokin provide a 100% full money back guarantee against any design defects, material, or workmanship – they also provide 24 x 7 customer contact service.

Yontree Warm 4 Winter – Steering Wheel Cover

This Yontree wheel cover is extremely popular in the market, especially for those consumers who experience long and cold wintery conditions. This wheel cover is fabulously soft, and very warm, on driving hands.

Color: Pink

Material: Wool

Brand: Yontree

Item Diameter: 15-inches

Vehicle Service Type: For all-terrain type vehicles

About this item:

  • Made from authentic Australian wool and is hand-made too.
  • Suitable for those steering wheels with a diameter: 14.96-inches to 14.96-inches.
  • The complete package includes: 1 x 3-piece steering wheel cover, a gear-shift cover, and a hand-brake cover.
  • Feels incredibly soft, extremely comfortable, and luxurious.
  • Creates a comfy driving environment, which reflects the unique sense of peaceful driving.

Valley-Comfy & Universal – Steering Wheel Cover

This Valleycomfy steering wheel cover offers plenty of comfort whilst driving. Provides a universal-fit size and comprises non-slip features. Simple and easy to install, this nontoxic and odorless cover is suitable for all four seasons.

Color: Black, with in-grained Black Lines

Material: Leather

Brand: Valley-comfy

About this item:

  • This quality leather wheel cover only weighs 1.35 pounds, with soft yet thick leather padding that provides more control while driving.
  • Completely odor free, with a skid-proof lining that will always provide that constant and reliable grip.
  • The steering wheel will feel warm in winter, and surprisingly cool in summer.
  • Requires minimal installation effort, with simple instructions to quickly facilitate the task at hand.
  • Quite suitable for steering wheels with a diameter: 14.50-inches to 15.25-inches.

Rueesh Microfiber Leather – Steering Wheel Cover

This Rueesh steering wheel cover is a perfect fit for the Ford F-150. It comes with a universal-fit size, suitable for all steering wheels. Contains anti-slipping features, allowing a firm grip on the wheel. Constructed from microfiber leather, signifying high quality, yet enabling durability.

Color: Black Line

Material: Leather – microfiber

Brand: Rueesh

Vehicle Service Type: For all-terrain type vehicles

About this item:

  • Universal fit, suitable for steering wheels with a diameter: 14.50-inches to 15.50-inches.
  • Constructed from eco-friendly microfiber leather, entails a wear-resistant, and skid-proof texture.
  • Contains an anti-slip design, providing a safer grip, and giving drivers more control driving on the road.
  • Installation is rated as hassle-free, with easy instructions to follow and secure on the steering wheel quite quickly.

Elantrip Leather Sports – Steering Wheel Cover

This Elantrip steering wheel cover is a perfect option for the steering wheel of any Ford F-150. It is breathable, odorless and is manufactured with anti-slip characteristics that are soft and comfortable for driving hands. The universal construction makes fitting extremely easy.

About this item:

  • Will fit all steering wheels that have a rated diameter: 15.50-inches to 16.00-inches.
  • The special covers’ inner ring is designed to be eco-friendly, with a speedy installation process.
  • Comes with a finely pierced, highly breathable microfiber material, designed for maximum comfort.
  • Durable, with a high temperature impervious material, that ensures a lasting service life.
  • Elantrip provides a 12-month warranty with every purchase.

SHIAWASENA – Steering Wheel Cover

This SHIAWASENA steering wheel cover is the perfect option for the Ford F-150. It comes with different size ranges coupled with a superb design. Soft and comfortable on driving hand, yet quite breathable. Contains a non-slip and odorless experience.

Color: Black and Red

Material: Leather


About this item:

  • Built with eco-friendly practices.
  • This cover contains an anti-slip finish, providing a safer grip when driving, giving better control when on the road.
  • Breathable material, with soft padding, and massaging design.
  • The universal fit is suitable for steering wheels that have a diameter: 14.50-inches to 15.50-inches.
  • The cover slips over the steering wheel instantly, and immediately improves the appearance.

Achiou Universal – Steering Wheel Cover

This Achiou steering wheel cover completes the top ten choices for the Ford F-150. It is constructed from microfiber leather, ensuring a soft and comfortable experience for driving hands. Breathless and odorless, this steering wheel cover is a universal-fit size. Completely simple to install, this cover has a reputation for high durability.

About this item:

  • Comes with a soft leather material which absorbs hand pressure while gripping the steering wheel during driving.
  • The anti-slip design provides a superior grip, giving more control when driving on the road.
  • This wheel cover is constructed from higher resistance to wear materials, enabling long lasting durability.
  • This steering wheel cover will perfectly fit standard steering wheels with a diameter: 14.50-inches to 15.50-inches.
  • Achiou offers a 24 month ‘Return or Exchange’ warranty with every purchase.


This analysis completes the list of the 10 best steering wheel covers for the Ford F-150 truck currently on the market.

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