Top 10 Best Bed Extenders for Toyota Tacoma

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Top 10 Best Bed Extenders for Toyota Tacoma


The bed within a truck is an obvious attraction itself and added bed extenders are helpful if one needs to haul a cargo of large dimensions. The Toyota Tacoma is a rugged off-road vehicle, with superior interior controls, and a powerful V6 engine. As part of our top ten series, we provide you with the 10 best bed extenders for the Toyota Tacoma.

AMP Research 74-811-01A – Black Bed Extender

The AMP Research Bed Extender can effectively extend the truck bed and does not need a distinct mounting kit for any installation process.

Concerning this item:

Bedslide 10-5839-CL 1OOO Series – Cargo Management Bed Extender

The Bedslide Cargo Management System is different from the previous AMP bed extender as it is possible to be fitted entirely over the complete surface of the truck bed, and it has the capability to slide out if and when chosen to do so. It provides up to 75% extra extension than normal.

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Erickson: 076-050 Pick Up & Bed Extender

The Erickson Pick-Up and Bed Extender is another different type of bed extender. This unit allows extension up to the loading length of the entire truck by a maximum of 4 feet. Easily fitted to the back end of a truck and has internal welded loops in order to tie-down large loads if required.

Concerning this item:

AMP Research 74-809-01A – Black Bed Extender

The AMP Research Black Bed Extender is considered similar to the AML bed extender, but visually has a tapered V-shaped design that provides that extra clearance if needed.

Concerning this item:

BEDSLIDE CONTRACTOR: 15-65-48-CG Sliding Durable Truck Bed Cargo Extender

The BEDSLIDE CONTRACTOR Truck Bed Cargo Extender is made from a composite and light weight material producing durability that allows ease of use for all extension necessities.

Concerning this item:

Toyota Accessories PT-3923-5000 – Bed Extender

The Toyota Accessories Bed Extender is another authentic Toyota product that gives superb fitting capability for the Toyota truck, while delivering durability and utility.

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AMP Research – Silver 748-110-0A – Bed-X-Tender

The AMP Research Silver BedXTender has a U-shaped design that provides maximum cargo capacity. It can be reversed both in and out so as to provide the maximum functionality required for the bedspace of your truck. It is manufactured from T6 aluminum alloy tubing alongside a durable coat finish.

Concerning this item:

Ecotric Pick-Up Truck – Bed Hitch Multiple Extender

The ECOTRIC Pick Up Bed Hitch Extender is one more hitch-mounted extender providing the capability to manage larger cargo loads without any hassles. This is due to the ease with which it can be tethered on to the back of a truck so as to accommodate a cargo load that will not fit within the truck bed.


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Circle-R-Truck: Bed Extender

The Circle R Truck Bed Extender is a universal extender that can provides the ability to be fitted on many truck models, and due to its light construction, it can easily be assembled by just one person.


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Maxx-Haul 70231: Mount Truck Hitch – Bed Extender

The Maxx-Haul Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender is available in two different sizes and it can extend the truck bedding to allow carrying of longer loads. Has an adjustable length and width capability, that provides useful versatility, when used for a variety of different applications.


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This analysis completes the list of the 10 best bed extenders for the Toyota Tacoma currently on the market.

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