XFi Gateway Offline – How To Fix

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XFi Gateway Offline

XFi is a streaming audio server for Windows and Mac OS X. It lets you stream any audio or MIDI file from your hard drive to other computers, web services, and players. You can use it to stream the same file to many different clients. Or you can use it as a music server to provide audio to your favorite players and streaming music services like Spotify or Pandora.

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What is xFi Gateway Offline?

If your xfinity wireless network isn’t able to establish a connection to the Internet, it means that the Xfinity wireless network inside your house is not working properly. If you see a light that says xFi Gateway is on, but it’s not connecting to the internet. If that’s the case, your xFi Gateway may need to be restarted. XFi Gateway needs to be restarted, or if you’ve installed Xfinity Pods, one of them could be causing the issue.

What Do You Have To Do When You Restart xFi Gateway?

Restarted xFi Gateways will erase all of the apps or processes that are running or not finished, which can cause issues with your home network. Restarting the xFi Gateway will cause it to stop storing data, and it will force you to use new settings. When xFi Gateway is restarted, you will no longer be able to access the internet, even if xFi Pods are connected to the internet. Xfinity Voice subscribers will not be a part of this, so your phone friends and family members are always on the line. It will take a while to start the xFi Gateway, but you’ll be prompted to reset your password when you log in to your Xfinity account. Once that is done, you will be unable to use your cameras and Smart Home devices. Xfinity Security Sensors will remain protected, as well.

XFi Gateway can be restarted using the Xfinity Website or the Xfinity App.

You will be able to start the xFi Gateway again by logging on to the Xfinity website. If you are paying for a Xfinity gateway modem, we highly suggest buying an Xfinity modem. If it’s your xFi Gateway, you can manually restart it by going to xfinity.com/myaccount and logging in with your Xfinity credentials. Then click on “My Gateway”. Log into your account at xfinity.com/myxfif and use your Xfinity credentials. You should see a screen stating that your xFi Gateway is having trouble, and if it does that, click “Restart”. You may need to log in to xfinity.com/myac/ and use the Xfinity credentials to log in. Restart xFi Gateway by Going to Xfinity My Account, selecting “Internet” & “Restart modem”. If the xFi Gateway isn’t restarted, you will see a message that says “Xfinity hasn’t found the Gateway”. You should then be taken to the page that will guide you through the troubleshooting process, which will take around a minute or so.

XFi Gateway Offline

XFi Gateway can be restarted from the Xfinity APP for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

You can also start the process manually by downloading the Xfinity App on Google Play or the App Store on iOS. Login to Xfinity My Account with Xfinity credentials. In the menu that appears, click on “My Xfinity Account”, then click “Restart xFi Gateway”. Depending on what you’re doing, it might take a while to restart the xFi Gateway. If you have the Xfinity My Account app, simply log in with Xfinity credentials and choose Internet & Devices & Device Manager. Then, click on the ‘Restart this device’ button.  You will have to unplug everything and try again. It takes up to seven minutes to reboot your xFi Gateway.

Do Not Reboot Your xFi Gateway. Simply turn off Xfinity and xFi and wait for 60 seconds.

Switching off and on your computer over and over is a very common way to fix IT problems. It may be worth trying other methods to diagnose the problem with xFi Gateways. If your Gateway is not responding to your request, you can try turning it off, turning off your power supply and disconnecting the power cable. If all else fails, go back into your account and try again. Wait a little while to ensure that there is no sparking from any of the wires in the xFi Gateway. Then, connect the power cable to the xFi Gateway and start using it.

Xfinity Pods are having problems connecting to the internet. You can resolve this by rebooting the xFi gateway.

You may not be able to use the Xfinity Pods if you have not restarted your xFi gateway. Depending on the size of your network, you will need to manually restart your xFi Gateway. Do not forget to set the spacing between your Xfinity Pods. If you are having issues with your Xfinity Pods, here are what you need to do. If your xFi is off, unplug your xFi gateway and then let it sit idle for 60 seconds. When that time is up, simply plug in the xFi Gateway once more, and then, after 60 second intervals, it should change to solid blue.

If you continue to see the flashing lights on some of the Xfinity pods, then it may be that there is something wrong with the internet service that you are using and not with Xfinity itself. After the lights on your xFi Gateway start to turn bright red and become fully illuminated, connect all of your Xfinity Pods. During the initial setup process, you will see a light that will show as a large blue dot, then as it is connected to the xFi Gateway, it will turn blue. When the xFi Gateway is connected to the Xfinity Pods, you will begin to see a light that says “Pods connected” on the xFi Gateway. If all the pods in your home are on, you will be notified when they are ready to start using the internet.

Check the Location of Your Xfinity Pod

Improperly placed Xfinity Pods may result in your internet service going off-line. If it is not positioned correctly, the pod will not be able to stay connected to the Internet. If that happens, you should Factory Reset the Pod and the Xfinity App to allow the Pod to work properly.

When arranging the pods in your room, here are some things you need to consider.

If you plug in a Pod into an outlet where you have a switch, do not place the Pod in an outlet where you have a switch to cause interference. When you do this, move your Xfinity Pods from one outlet to a logical one in your house. Your pods will perform best when they are exposed to the elements and not hidden under furniture or on a table to prevent interference. If you place the Pods so that they are about halfway to where the Xfinity Pods are, then you can choose to enable WiFi from the Pods. If you use multiple pods, you should not be able to use them all together. It is best to keep pods spaced 20 to 30 feet apart. When you place the pods on a wall in a room with another Xfinity Pod, keep in mind this distance.

Factory Restore Xfinity Pod. If you are unable to use the Xfinity Pod that you purchased, simply unplug it and try again.

You can Factory Reset an Xfinity Pod by unplugging it from the XSI App and re-adding it using the XSI instructions that are included in the XSI App.

You will need to reboot your Xfinity Pods to get back online.

Xfinity Pods. Then go to the Xbox app and open the “Network” option on the Xbox app. You will see a small menu that tells you which Xfinity Pods you can use to completely unplug them. In that menu, you can also select the Xfinity router that you plan to unplug. After you unplumb the pod, you will need to unplumb it if it is connected to a power outlet.

XFi Pods won’t start up. Wait a little while until you get a signal, then you can try setting up a new Xfinity Pod. If that works, you’re back online.


Xfinity Pods work fine, but sometimes they stop working. It is difficult to get internet access with only a few xFi Pods. Some internet providers claim that their services will always work seamlessly, but in reality, some snags are inevitable. When problems are few, it is easier to resolve the problems. But a few hours after you get back on the internet or if xFi Pods don’t work, it can be frustrating. If you have problems with your xFi Pods, it is easy to try some of the easy-to-do methods that are available, such a restart of your xFi Gateway or its app, making sure that your devices are inserted properly and are spaced at an appropriate distance from each other or resizing your pods. If you’ve had enough of the xFi pods, you can look at the many different routers and switches that are now on the market. I’ve combed through quite a number of WiFi routers and XFi pods.

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