How To Start Thermador Dishwasher

The Thermador D5674SQS00 dishwasher is designed to be used in any home.

The unit comes with a self-cleaning feature that will help in keeping the interior of the dishwasher clean.

How To Start Thermador Dishwasher

The thermostat controls the heating element that keeps the dishwasher’s interior warm during the wash cycle.

If you wish to wash dishes at higher temperatures, then you can adjust it by turning it clockwise. However, if you want to wash your dishes at lower temperatures, then turn them counterclockwise.


The lower temperatures help prevent the melting of food particles and make your dishes sparkling clean and fresh without damaging them too much.

The cleaning cycle for this unit is a 3-hour cycle which makes sure that all kinds of stains are removed from your dishes. The stainless steel tub is easy to clean. The dishwasher comes with an auto-clean feature that makes it easy to keep the interior of the dishwasher clean.

Steps You’ll Need to Take to Start Thermador Dishwasher

Turn the machine on by pressing the power button. Make sure that the door is closed before starting it. Press the power button again to make sure that it is on.

The dishwasher will begin to heat up, and then turn off. Once it has finished heating up, press the power button again to start the wash cycle.

The unit will begin to wash your dishes as soon as you press the start button for a second time.

To start a cycle, first, turn off the machine by pressing the “Power” button and then turn it back on by pressing “Start”.

Press “Stop” once you have finished washing your dishes and they are dry. Press “Start” again to turn the machine off.

The first time you start the dishwasher, it will have to be on for about an hour before it will start the cleaning cycle. This is because the dishwasher has to heat up and then cool down before it can begin the cleaning cycle.

Useful Tips for Using Thermador Dishwasher

To make sure that your dishes are properly cleaned, you should follow these tips:

If you wish to wash large dishes, then wash them first and then place them in the dishwasher. This will help in preventing any problems that may arise due to the larger size of the dishes.

If you wish to use detergent, then select a detergent that has the capacity to remove all kinds of stains from your dishes.

Some detergents may not be able to remove all kinds of stains from your dishes, so you should check out different brands before selecting one.

Check if there are any defects in your machine by looking at the bottom of it for any cracks or chips in it.

If there are any such defects, then you should contact the company who sold you this model for a replacement or a refund.

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