How to Reset Panasonic TV

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How to Reset Panasonic TV

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Suppose you experience any abnormal picture quality, distorted sound, and an improper display, or even if you want to sell your TV or give it away. A factory reset will recalibrate your TV to default settings. This process will remove all the tuned channels, recordings, customs input, installed applications, and stored WIFI.

Many people are intimidated to change any TV settings, that is why Panasonic TV‘s have the reset option, which allows you to repair any setting you make back to factory defaults. So, you can reset your TV with the following procedure. This procedure is fairly standard for all the models in the Panasonic range. So, Let’s get going.

How to Reset Panasonic TV

There are two different ways to reset your Panasonic TV. It depends upon the issue you are encountering. Sometimes a simple Power reset can resolve the issue and it starts working fine. But if this procedure can not resolve then try another method of the factory reset.

However, Resetting your device to its factory settings erases all your data, saving accounts and settings. Furthermore, it is advisable to not turn off or unplug the TV during the factory reset procedure.

Tech Support 24/7
Ask a TV Repairman Online

Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

Power Reset

You will not lose any private data and settings during the power reset. Although, it is preferable to disconnect the USB or any other gadget attached to your TV before performing any resetting of your device.

Factory Data Reset

Picture Setting

Audio Settings

Generic Factory Reset

Method One

Method two

Can I set my Panasonic TV Without a Remote control?

Yes, you can reset and eliminate the lock on your TV without using the remote control. Hold and press the power button for a few seconds. The television will restart automatically. Nevertheless, if the lock is still on, Unplug the main electrical cord of your TV and remove the battery from the back panel of your TV.

After the factory reset procedure completes successfully, it will fix the errors and the glitches you were experiencing lately and your TV will automatically start the initial setup authority. You can now select the google terms of service, conditions, and privacy policy to set up the settings according to your preferences.

However, if you are unable to overcome the problem from the factory or generic reset, it is better to call the customer care centre or to take your device to the near authorized Panasonic retailer. Or you can reach them out through the phone call on their toll-free number and even by sending an e-mail. Moreover, they allow you to have a live chat with the support team and book a service appointment so an engineer can visit your place to examine your device thoroughly.

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Closing It Up

Every person has his own preferences, so customizing your TV’s setting will allow you to have it according to your choice and likeness. You can experiment with all the settings of your TV without being intimidated that you are going to permanently change the TV settings. The Panasonic TV gives you the reset option so you can repair any set back to its factory default.

However, if you have the menu button on your TV remote control you can effortlessly reset your television with the above-mentioned procedure. If you do not have the access to the menu button you can find the instructions to recalibrate your TV in the user’s manual guide to help you.

So, next time if you find any jarring noise or improper display you know how to reset your Panasonic TV to remove any occurring glitches and errors. I hope this guide will help you to do the following procedure effortlessly and easily to run your device smoothly.

Good Luck!

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