How to Reset Nespresso Machine

Are you also a coffee lover like the majority of the rest of the population? If so, you are likely to own a nespresso machine. After all, who would want to go through the hassle of preparing their espresso every morning on their own? A nespresso machine is what most resort to. These machines use coffee capsules to brew espresso and coffee easily. The working of the machine varies between different types, and the most frequent concern is; how can it be reset?

How to Reset Nespresso Machine: A Step by Step Guide

The rational solution to any problems in extraction is to reset the nespresso machine. Frequent complains that can lead to resetting include the pods getting stuck, and problems in the duration and size of extraction. If you wish to reset the cup size, resetting to factory settings is necessary.

The settings of a nespresso machine can be adjusted to fit your requirements and also be reset to the default settings. The amount of water and espresso in each serving can be adjusted to make it just as you like.

Resetting an Nespresso Essenza Mini

Step 1:  press down on both the buttons to switch off the machine.

Step 2: once the machine is turned off, push the Lungo button and hold it down for 5 seconds.

Step 3: this should easily reset the machine. To confirm that it has been reset, the LEDs on it will blink thrice successively. After that, the lights will continue blinking at their usual speed.

Step 4: when the blinking stops, the machine will be fully heated and can be used. The machine will now be on the standard factory setting of 110 ml of lungo and 40ml of espresso.

Resetting Nespresso Lattissima One

Step 1: turn on the machine and then detach the milk jug.

Step 2: enter the menu mode by holding down the milk button for 3 seconds.

Step 3: pressing down on the milk buttons for 3 seconds will start the blinking of the descaling and cleaning alert.

Step 4: click the milk button again. It should blink to notify that the settings have been rest.

Step 5: click the milk button again for confirmation. When all three lights blink thrice, it is confirmed that the settings have been reset.

Step 6: the machine will then automatically exit the menu and then can be used.

Resetting Nespresso Inissia

Step 1: power off the machine.

Step 2: hold down the Lungo button for 5 seconds.

Step 3: when the LED lights blink, quickly and successively, three times, it is confirmed that the machine has been reset to the factory settings.

Step 4: the blinking will return to normal as the Nespresso Inissia heats up. Once the lights are steady, the machine can be used.

Resetting Nespresso Citiz

Step 1: switch off the machine by clicking on the power button.

Step 2: press the Lungo button and hold it down for 5 continuous seconds.

Step 3: three successive and quick blinks of the LED lights will confirm that the settings have been reset to the standard factory settings.

Step 4: the machine will be ready for use once the lights get steady.

Resetting Nespresso Pixie

Step 1: turn the machine off.

Step 2: hold down the Lungo button while turning the machine back on.

Step 3: the machine will be reset to the standard 40 ml of espresso and 110 ml of lungo.

Resetting Lattissima Touch

Step 1: switch on the machine and detach the container of milk.

Step 2: hold down the warm milk and Latte Macchiato buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Step 3: press the following buttons, once each, in quick succession: à Latte macchiato, Heat the milk, à Lungo, à Cappuccino, à Ristretto, à Espresso.

Step 4: when the hot milk button blinks, press it again to confirm that you want to reset the settings.

Step 5: when all of the buttons blink three times, the reset is confirmed. It is not ready for use.


How to make the best use of pods for making the ideal coffee?

Using the short shot button of the nespresso machine is the best way of ensuring that the beans are used to the fullest. This way, the right amount of water, which is necessary to extract the elements of the beans, is released. The Lungo button is only recommended for Lungo pods.

How long can the brew pods be stored?

Nespresso pods have a shelf life of up to 24 months if packed and foiled securely. For some pods like K-fee and Caffity pods, it is best to use them within 12 months of production. For most pods, it is recommended to use them within 6 weeks of opening them.

Is it normal for coffee to spurt out of the pods?

Yes, it is indeed normal for that to happen. When coffee is roasted and ground, it releases many natural gases. The coffee can release gases even after they are sealed in the pod. When the seed pops in the machine, the bean can spurt coffee as the pressure is released.

How should the pods be disposed of?

Coffee pods are mostly biodegradable. The additives in them enable the plastic to decompose quickly. This decomposition best takes place if the pods are disposed of with the rest of the trash of the house, and they reach the landfill. Within 2 to 3 years, they will completely decompose in the landfill. Some pods are not compostable to it is recommended not to dispose them in the compost bin.

Is it normal that it is harder than usual to close my nespresso machine?

Yes. Some machines are harder to close with certain capsules than others. If you face this problem, try checking again that the capsule is fitted in the machine correctly and then apply a little more force to close the lid. Most capsules are not hard enough to cause damage to the machine, so this should not be a big issue.

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