How to Reset Casio Calculator

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How to Reset Casio Calculator

Resetting the Casio calculator is a not difficult task. You can easily do it by following a few simple steps. First, we should know the reasons why we need to do the formatting of the calculator and remove all previous data. Few reasons are:

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Sometimes you set a particular mode like an equation, vector, spreadsheet, or matrix, and you unable to remove that mode. Therefore, there is a need to factory reset the calculator to use other modes.

There may be some other reasons associated with it. No matter what is the reason to bring back the factory settings, you have to apply the few steps to reset your calculator.

One thing you should remember each model of the Casio has its own reset options. Therefore, you should know the model of your Casio calculator and get the procedure to reset your device.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

Types of Calculator Formatting

Casio calculator comes with six to seven memory options. You can delete one type or completely reset to remove all types of data. These types are

  1. Delete the memory

You can delete the stored data only but not change the mode of your calculator.

You clear the entries that you have made in your calculator.

By using this option, you can clear the modes like vector, complex, base, spreadsheets, or equation modes.

By using this deleting option, you can remove the apps or vars from your calculator.

Through this option, you can able to delete all types of memory from the calculator. It will bring back your calculator on factory settings mode.

Resetting of Different Casio Calculators

Different calculator models of Casio have different resetting procedure. Before you look at different models, let’s have a look at the resetting of different Casio calculators according to their functionality.

Resetting of the Scientific Calculator

It is very easy to reset the Casio calculators. There is a need to hard reset once you change the batteries of your calculator. To do this, follow the steps given below.

Resetting of Graphic Calculator

Graphic calculators are an advanced type of scientific calculators. Their primary function is to make the graph by using a valid equation. These are small digital computers in which you can also install the apps. For making and solving your graphs. To reset the graphic calculator, apply the following settings.

Through this procedure, you will able to delete all memory and get a clear calculator with no previous data.

Resetting of Simple Casio Calculator

The general or simple Casio calculators are easy to reset. You get three types of options to delete all data. It includes initialize all, setup data, and clear memory. To reset your device, the procedure is as follows

Resetting of top models of Casio Calculators

Each Casio model has its own resetting procedure. Let’s have a look on top models and their procedure to reset them

Casio fx-9750 Reset

The advanced and top-rated model of Casio has scientific features. To reset the memory from this type, you have to follow the procedure given below

Resetting of memory for Casio FX-9860

To remove programs, spreadsheets, equations, and all other memory, follow the procedure below.

Resetting of Casio fx-991ES

To reset the Casio FX-991ES, you have to follow the procedure given below

Turn on again to use the calculator with no previous data.

Casio FX-85GTPLUS Calculator Reset

For resetting of the FX- 85GTPLUS follow the steps given below

Resetting of Casio Fx 115es

To reset the memory from this top model of Casio, you can follow the steps given below

Things to focus for Resetting of Casio Calculator

Before you apply the reset, settings make sure you want to remove all data. Don’t be in a hurry in doing so as once you remove, you will not able to get back your stored data. 

Next is don’t try procedure yourself, as it can be a waste of time, first check the reset process of your Casio model, and then apply the procedure to get formatting within a minute or two.


Is it possible to recover data after resetting the calculator?

No, it is not possible to recover back your data once you reset your Casio calculator. It is important to think before you reset your device. Once you perform the clear memory procedure, you will get the default settings for your calculator, and you have to feed all data again. Therefore, when you reset, all memory is clear, and there is no chances to recover back all data.

What are graphic Casio calculators, and can you reset this type of device?

A graphic calculator is the type of handheld computer that is best to draw the graphs, solve equations, and perform other task-like variables. It is easy to operate. If you need to remove any data, you can easily clear the memory and reset it to get factory resetting.

What is the procedure to delete the modes from a scientific calculator?

Each model of the Casio has its own resetting option. But generally, the models come with following resetting options

How to reset the Casio Fx 991MS?

To reset the data from Fx 991 MS first press 1 to clear the memory and then = to confirm deletion process,

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