How To Reset Ariston Boiler

Ariston is a brand of heating systems and appliances that is widely used in Europe, the US, and other parts of the world. Ariston boilers are widely used for both commercial and domestic purposes. They are also known for their ability to produce a very high level of heat with low energy consumption.

In the past, many users have experienced the troubleshooting methods that they have to go through when they encounter problems with their Ariston boilers. Nowadays, troubleshooting methods have become simpler and easier to understand for new users as well as for old ones.

For instance, most Ariston boilers have certain settings that can be changed manually to adjust their temperature settings accordingly. Therefore, you can use this guide to know how to reset an Ariston boiler if it does not start automatically when you turn it on or off.

Why Resetting an Ariston Boiler Can Help

Sometimes a simple task of having your boiler reset will fix whatever problem you have. You might find that, if your gas safe engineer advises you to do so, you might be able to reset your ariston boiler yourself. If your gas safe engineer doesn’t need to go to your home, then this could save the expense you have to put out.

When you need to constantly reset your Aston boiler, it may be due to a faulty system or a leak in the machine. If that is the case, it might be worthwhile asking a professional to see if there are any faults which could cause dangerous situations. It’s also possible that this is time for you to upgrade your boiler.

How To Reset Ariston Boiler

Here’s how to reset an Ariston boiler:

Check the boiler error code

First, it is important to know what the error code of your boiler is. To do this, turn the gas valve off and open the damper. Wait for the boiler to cool down and then open the valve again.

Now, look at the error code that is displayed on your Ariston Boiler. This can be done by looking at the display or using a multimeter. If you have a digital display, it will show you in words and numbers what is wrong with your boiler. If you have a digital display that shows in degrees Fahrenheit, then you can check it by reading the display to see if it is between the proper range of temperatures.

Find the reset button, press and hold

Now that you know what the error code is, it is time to find the reset button. Most Ariston boilers have a button that can be pressed to reset the boiler. Some have a switch instead of a button. In any case, press and hold the button or switch until you hear a click.

If you have an Ariston boiler with an LED display, you will be able to see the boiler heating up when you press and hold the reset button. You should hold it down to about ten seconds. If your boiler does not heat up after several seconds, then your resetting is not working. This means that there might be something wrong with your machine.

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