How To Download Spectrum App On LG Smart TV – Step by Step Guide

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How To Download Spectrum App On LG Smart TV

The Spectrum App allows you to get all the entertainment and news that you want, but you do not have to search for the newspaper or the other app to get it. The app is perfect for streaming a variety of news channels, including Fox News, ABC, NBC, CW News, and so on. There are about 50,000 different movies and shows to catch.

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How to Stream Spectrum on LG TV

Use Roku

Roku has a very easy-to-use platform that enables you to quickly and easily broadcast live TV to your TV. Roku provides you with an online store for channels, which allows you to easily access apps which are not available in the LG TV WebOS.

By simply using these simple steps you can stream your favorite shows and apps on your LG Smart TV easily.

  1. Ensure the internet on the Roku device is on, then connect it to your LG TV.
  2. Look for the channels for Streaming that are located at the Home Section.
  3. You should now be able to search your device using the search bar. Enter the Spectrum TV app to search for it.
  4. You should now have instructions on how to get and use the Spectrum TV app on your Roku device. Once you have downloaded the app and installed it, launch it.
  5. Adjust the options in the app to suit your personal preferences, and enjoy watching Spectrum on LG TV.

Use Chromecast

With Chromecast, you will be able to stream live TV shows and movies from any smartphone to an LG TV. What you watch will be shown not only on the TV but also on your smartphone. Following are the steps to stream your preferred TV shows and movies to LG TV.

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  1. Make sure that Chromecast and your phone are connected to the exact Wi-Fi network.
  2. Install Chromecast cable in the TV port.
  3. Find the Home app on your phone and tap on it, then choose the Chromecast device
  4. After you choose the Chromecast device, click on the Cast My Screen button on the phone.
  5. After you have selected that, a pop-up will appear asking you to cast your screen to your LG TV. In that pop-up, you need to click on Start Now.
  6. You can now watch the content that you have downloaded from the app on your LG TV. Open the Spectrum application, and start streaming!

Use Xbox

An Xbox One can be used to easily run various video games, and it can be used with big TVs to display some really nice graphics. But if you have an LG TV, you can play many games on it; also, you can watch other streaming videos using apps that are not available on the LG WebOS.

The Xbox One app lets you play different apps and games on your TV. You can even stream Spectrum on LG TVs by connecting the Xbox One to them. Streaming Spectrum videos using the Xbox One is as easy as logging into your Spectrum application and sharing content with your friends.

  1. Switch on Xbox One and make sure it connects to the TV.
  2. Navigating to your apps, search for Spectrum in the search box.
  3. Install the Spectrum app.
  4. Open up the Spectrum app on the LG TV and login to the Spectrum app to start streaming.

It is really simple to get the Spectrum app to work properly on LG TVs.

How To Download Spectrum App On LG Smart TV

Spectrum Streamline Packages

Spectrum TV Essentials

Spectrum TV Essentials are the cheapest and most value for money subscriptions available. You may not be able to imagine all the incredible benefits that this streaming package offers for only $15!

You may be stunned to learn that this package has 50 different channels to choose from. Channels for all types of content, such as Entertainment, Kids, Lifestyle, Health, News, and Fitness.

Spectrum TV Choice

This is a package that allows you to use all kinds of amazing and useful video clips from your phone, tablet or computer. Spectrum offers many channels to stream, but with this package, you are only permitted to watch ten channels.

Some popular channels and channels that people love are also part of this package, and you can easily add an extra 10 channels to it. So, if you want to stream 10 channels on a regular basis, this will suffice for a lot of people. You can also have all the channels that you want to subscribe to for just $25.

Spectrum TV Stream

Spectrum Live TV package features over 20 TV networks and channels that are well known. It also includes entertainment channels that cater to different audiences and a number of different niches. Channels include Kids, News, Comedy, or Animals.

Some channels that you can watch on this package are Animal Planet, Fox, CBS Discovery, CW News, and NBC. It is very good to have all the aforementioned channels for only $25.

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