Honeywell Thermostat Won’t Turn On Heat – How to Fix

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Honeywell Thermostat Won’t Turn On Heat

Reset the Thermostat

If the heat isn’t being provided by the hottest source, the thermostats will start to run features called EM Heat to keep the room warm. If you are still having trouble with your Honeywell Thermostat, the next thing that you will need to do is to completely reset your device.

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Honeywell Thermostats are very diverse and over the years they have developed many models that are functional and feature various functions. The way you can reset these thermostats is very varied. The mechanisms by which time stamps are reset in different models are different. Some of these models have mechanisms that allow you to reset parameters when you want to do something different.

Honeywell Thermostat 2000, 1000, 7000 Series

These series of Honeywell thermostats all have the same exact reset mechanism:

  1. Turn the thermostat and also the circuit breaker off
  2. Take off the cover on the control panel of the Honeywell thermostat and take out the battery.
  3. If you have a battery that is polarized, put one end of the polarizing battery on the other end of the circuit.
  4. After waiting about 5-10 sec, remove the batteries and put them in the appropriate place.
  5. Turn the thermostat and also the circuit breaker on.

Now, the thermostat has been reset.

Tech Support 24/7
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Connect with the Expert via email, text or phone. Include photos, documents, and more. Get step-by-step instructions from verified Tech Support Specialists.

Honeywell Thermostat 4000 Series

This series comes with a button that allows you to easily set it back to factory settings. You can reset the thermostat by following these steps:

  1. Start the thermostat by turning it on.
  2. Press the ‘Program’ button.
  3. This button resets the thermostat and is placed in a tiny hole panel. Use a small and sharp object, and press that button at least for 5 sec.

If you do the above steps, you have successfully reset your thermostat.

Honeywell Thermostats 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000 Series

This thermostat series includes features like an on-board console, buttons and touchscreens, etc. You can reset them by using these features. You will have to use advanced features to reset your temperature control panel. The process of resetting thermostats varies according to the type of thermostat.

Honeywell Thermostat Won’t Turn On Heat

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Usually, HVAC appliances have breaker boards that stop the system from overrunning and causing damage. If your thermostat has a circuit breaker in it, the motor that pumps hot air will not operate. If you’re using a Honeywell Thermostat that doesn’t require a C-wiring, accessing the wiring in your electrical panel will be much easier. If the thermostat doesn’t turn the heat on, just open the electric panel and see if the position of the circuit breakers are off. If not, change them to the on position.

Make Sure to Turn On the Furnace and Close the Cover

Before you begin heating the room, you need to check that all the fuses in the furnace are turned on. Then make sure that the circuit breaker is also turned on. Some thermostats don’t pump heat if the cover on the furnace is partially opened, so close the door to the furnace completely. Close all gaps between the doors of the unit while you are moving the thermostat.

Broken Sensor

If your thermostat has a temperature sensing problem, it will not be able to warm up the room as efficiently as it should.  Use a thermometer to take the temperature of a room and to see if the temperature is what the thermostat is telling you. If both are not the same, the sensor may be defective. If all the readings are different, it is likely to be a problem with the temperature sensor. So, you will have to replace the temperature sensor. Also, you need to find a new sensor.

The Installation Is Not Proper

There are two possibilities to incorrect installation:

1) You are installing the wrong thermostat by installing it using your own tools or the help of a handyman. If that happens, there are several errors that may occur such as incorrect wiring, misalignment of the dials, etc.

Open up the control panel to find out which wires are connected to what. If you do not see the guide, call a professional. If it is not clear what to do, it is better to call a technician to do it for you.

2) Install your thermostat in a location where there is sufficient airflow, such as a window or air vent. If you install a thermostat near a window or a vent, the temperature sensors will constantly be changed by the wind. If there is no wind, the temperature sensors in the room will not be able to measure the temperature of the room properly.

If the temperature is not reaching the desired level, move the temperature sensor to a place where airflow is reduced. This will allow the temperature sensor to take accurate temperature measurements.

Contact Support

When the fixes that you try to do are not working, you may need a Honeywell technician to come and look at your thermostat.

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