Fios Router White Light No Internet – How To Fix

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Fios Router White Light No Internet

What Does White Light Actually Mean?

This means that you are operating your computer normally. This is normal for most devices. It is not unusual for them to operate normally. White lights are usually solid or fast-blink.

What If the Lights Are White But No Internet Connection?

What this does is that all the equipment on the computer is being used to create a secure connection to the Internet (Wi-Fi), but you do not have access to the Internet. There may be a problem with the connection of your router to the ISP. You should ensure that your router is ON and is able to connect to your ISP. Check if the WAN cables running from your router to the internet are connected properly.

Reset the Router

To reset the router, what you need to do is:

  1. Pressing the red reset button of the router manually.
  2. Hold it for about 4 seconds until the router LED goes off.

Regardless of what your internet connection is like, the router should be able to restart within 3-5 minutes. Now verify that the device status LED is lit and that the computer’s internet connection is working properly.

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Restart the Router

If it still does not work, try rebooting/restarting.

  1. Unplug your router.
  2. Wait at least a minute.
  3. Plug your router back in.

Wait around for it to complete. This should take approximately 3-5 minutes. Verify your router’s LED status. If it has a solid white light, try to reconnect to the internet.

Contact Support

If neither of these methods does not help you, then you need to call Verizon. It could be because Verizon is having a software or hardware problem. You may contact them by chat or using their website. You may also call them to discuss the problem with them. You also have the option to contact them by phone at 800-837-4966. They are available 24/7. For Customer Services, you should call 888-378-1835 from Monday-Friday, from 8 am-6 pm ET.

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